Compiling langur also requires the following (see installation instructions).

revision history

A full revision history is included in the download.

## 2020-01-16 - 0.6.12 beta - changed lexing of interpolations to read tokens directly, making it more flexible - changed alignment interpolation modifier alternate code point to be enclosed in parentheses instead of following comma following number; deprecated old use - added limit string length interpolation modifier - added test for vertical space characters in interpolation modifiers - added test for illegal characters in interpolated section ## 2020-01-14 - 0.6.11 beta - updated built-in split() and join() functions to accept a single argument (defaulting delimiter to ZLS) - updated built-in replace() function to accept two arguments, with replacement defaulting to ZLS - allowed/confined to scope declarations in index expressions - fixed bug in parsing assignments containing scoped variable of same name as variable assigned to - updated parsing combination operations to remove index alternate from restructured left expression - for comments, re-enabled allowing PUA code points also an invisible "spaces" list: U+180E (MONGOLIAN VOWEL SEPARATOR), U+200B (ZERO WIDTH SPACE), U+200C (ZERO WIDTH NON-JOINER), U+200D (ZERO WIDTH JOINER), U+200E (LEFT-TO-RIGHT MARK), U+202A (LEFT-TO-RIGHT EMBEDDING), U+202C (POP DIRECTIONAL FORMATTING), U+202D (LEFT-TO-RIGHT OVERRIDE), U+2060 (WORD JOINER) The idea around the "allowed" characters is to keep source code from having hidden text or codes and to allay confusion and deception. There may be more code points that need to be allowed. ## 2020-01-13 - 0.6.10 beta - fixed bug (failure to compile) in creating operator implied functions when directly assigned to a variable with the same name as an internal parameter name - added 3 interpolation modifiers: custom formatting function, custom base, type - confined to scope any declarations within interpolations, arrays, and hashes - disallowed declarations within index expressions and non-scoped expressions grouped by parentheses


Langur uses the Apache license 2.0.

The Go wrapper for decNumber and the decNumber library use an ICU license, which is included with the download.