Langur is an open-source imperative/functional scripting language written by Anthony Davis. Its principles of design are sensibility to humans, accuracy in calculation, and a clean, expressive syntax.

The following is a partial list of langur's features.

I initially developed langur using Thorsten Ball's books (1, 2), with many changes made and features added.

Source code examples can be found on


Try it and let me know what you think. Constructive feeback is welcome.

langur 0.4.9 beta source code (7-Zip, 107K, released August 18, 2019)

Langur uses the Apache license 2.0.

A full revision history is included in the download.

2019-08-18 - 0.4.9 beta - added ability to assign to indexed values of arrays and hashes - fixed broken accounting of line numbers (for error reporting) when multi-line string literals are used - improvements to catching parsing and compilation errors - variable parsing improvements - added Copy() method to each Object type